About jChartFX

jChartFX provides the most complete collection of charts and data visualization components for your HTML based business intelligence applications.


jChartFX comes in 2 main versions:

jChartFX – a FREE version for your personal and internal websites that provides a collection of charts and graphs for professional data visualization.

jChartFX Plus – a commercial version which includes all the features of jChartFX as well as offering additional gallery types, advanced business intelligence features and dashboarding capabilities for your web and mobile apps. jChartFX Plus offers several licensing scenarios to best fit your needs.

How to Remove the Watermark

jChartFX charts will always display its product logo as a watermark that cannot be removed or replaced. In order to remove the watermark you must purchase a jChartFX Plus commercial license. Please refer to our products full comparision chart and our licensing options.

Note: jChartFX Plus OEM License allows for royalty free distribution for on-premise, Saas & mobile apps, and will include an icon to display a license notification including product or service and organization.

Usage and Restrictions

jChartFX is not intended to be deployed and redistributed for commercial purposes like On Premise, SaaS and mobile applications or applications for which you receive compensation. For this purpose, you will need to purchase either a Single-Domain License or an OEM License of jChartFX Plus – depending on your project’s needs. Please refer to the pricing page for additional details.

Free License Development License Development License + Support Single-Domain License OEM License
Watermarked Watermarked Watermarked Non-Watermarked Non-Watermarked

Free License
Development License
Development License + Support
Single-Domain License
OEM License
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The most complete collection of charts and graphs for professional data visualization.

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